Prayer Requests

Dear fellow travellers in Christ Plz submit your prayer requests and our prayer warriors will support you.


over a year ago by SUEANN RIOS Pray for me
pray for my pastor marvin caldera and our church pave the way ministries for the harvest to win the lost souls for god agree with us pray for me sueann that the lord will use me for his mercy as well.

Divine Protection

over a year ago by Brian Lee Sperling Pray for me
Please pray that the Lord will protect my wife and children from our landlord. She is currently involved with witchcraft, and has even tried to curse me. She is very angry with us for appealing our eviction. Pray that the Lord will hinder her wickedness to harm anyone, and come to be saved herself. Thank you.

God's Guidance, Wisdom, Help

over a year ago by Seth Pray for me
I have an unspoken prayer request that I've written up on a sheet of paper, that's very important. Please pray that God will fully, powerfully answer the complete prayer request. Pray for God's extraordinary guidance, help and wisdom with what I've asked for, and the perseverance to carry it through. Also, pray that everywhere I send this prayer request, that God will move many powerful prayer warriors to pray over it fervently, with great faith. Thanks.

Health Issues

over a year ago by Jonathan Ashbeck Pray for me
Gene McMahon suffered a heart attack last month and was taken to the hospital. I ask that you would pray for him and for his recovery.

Jan Van Guilder

over a year ago by Jonathan Ashbeck Pray for me
Two months ago, Jan Van Guilder was taken to the hospital after fracturing her spine. She had a procedure on April 22 but several days later she fell out of her bed and was hospitalized again. She had a rehab recently and on May 4th in the afternoon she was driven home.